Lynsanity To Challenge Red Dragons For 2012 FiltaBasketball Title

Lynsanity To Challenge Red Dragons For 2012 FiltaBasketball Title
By Carlos Cinco

SINGAPORE – It’s been a long time coming, but the 2012 FiltaBasketball grand finale is finally here. The storylines have been written and the stage has been set, the only thing left now is to play some ball.

The Red Dragons have surpassed many expectations, defeating the league-leading favorites, the KHR Green Hornets.

Led by team captain Vhox Maceda’s prolific scoring and playmaking, accentuated by commissioner Raffy Vidal’s up-tempo pace – the one-two punch posed a furious scoring tirade in the face of any game opponent. The Green Hornets learned the hard way, dropping a hard-fought close game to the Red Dragons on sheer tenacity.

It wasn’t an easy road up to this point for the come from behind Red Dragons, but it’s safe to say that’s how the ball rolled. Certainly, Maceda’s 19.00ppg average had much to do with it, but the story was definitely the balance in the attack. Five players on the Red Dragons’ roster average in double-figures, Ermie Caracas with a blistering 18.33ppg mark, Jerwin Cruz with 11.00ppg of his and Vidal’s 11.33.

Perhaps beyond the scoring prowess lies the true strength of this team, and that’s the will to win.

Faced with the hard charging Green Hornets led by team captain Khris Ian Gellidon, the mountain seemed insurmountable but the Red Dragons found a way to eke out a win against the behemoth and now find themselves on the verge of clinching the first ever FiltaBasketball championship.

The team however will need a complete effort from all its role players should they hope to get past their Finals opponents this Saturday, November 24 at Zhonghua Secondary School in Serangoon.

The Emergence of Lynsanity

Formerly Team Gwapo, a.k.a. Team Medyo Cute, Lynsanity has transformed into an offensive juggernaut behind the brilliance of Lloyd Nogot, who is perhaps the league’s most dynamic 2-guard. Averaging 21.67ppg heading into the playoffs, Nogot is a tough one to contain on the defensive end.

If the Red Dragons have high hopes of clinching a title, they would certainly have to get past Nogot’s torrid scoring tear, presumably hold him to a low shooting percentage or negate him completely. It’s a task that is much easier said than done as the star Shooting Guard’s offensive capabilities far outclass any single defensive coverage thrown at him.

Lynsanity isn’t the team you thought would be sitting atop the Finals on the brink of basically sneaking up on a possible championship. And if they win, which is by no means any stretch of the imagination, the championship would not have been stolen, it would have been taken by any means necessary – whether by pure grit and toughness or by their unmistakable energy on both ends of the floor.

To make matters worse, Nogot isn’t the only one the Red Dragons have to worry about.

Though most production on the offensive end relies heavily on Nogot’s shoulders, his teammates have a knack for playing stifling defense and keeping the energy up at a high level.

Xtan Alvarez, who averages 11.33ppg, scoring in double-figures nearly every time he’s out on the floor, is also a cause for concern. Alvarez is tireless at running up and down the floor and likes to attack defenses early, before they have a chance to act as a cohesive unit. If the Red Dragons aren’t able to match Alvarez’s speed, then it will be a long and gloomy night for them.

Match that with Lyndon Gomez and Hart Jason Tolentino’s pure muscle on the boards and you have yourself a winning combination.

If offense wins games and defense wins championships, then you can pretty much write Lynsanity’s name on that trophy. But that’s the beauty of basketball. You don’t just talk about the games, you go out there and you win them.

Simply put, that’s why we play the games. That’s why we fight the fights.

It’s going to be a basketball classic this Saturday. Don’t miss it.

The 2012 FiltaBasketball Finals event takes place at 12:30pm at Zhonghua Secondary School in Serangoon. Before the championship game, we have the 3-point shootout and the 2-ball competition, and the battle for third place between the Green Hornets and the Darkstars.


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